'Nailing our dialogue and cues was critical, and Luciano’s input helped us immensely.'

Peter Moorhead, creator of Murder, a retro sci-fi adventure game. Official Website →


Game Design

I've been producing structured and concise design documents for just over 16 years. I can make your GDD more accessible to artists and coders, with an emphasis on condensing information, proofreading and document structure.

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Natural sounding dialogue is surprisingly hard to accomplish. In addition to suggesting changes, I can help developers find the right voice for their characters through script Q&As, outlining, and constructive feedback.

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Plot & Continuity

Gamers have a sharp eye when it comes to plot holes and continuity issues. Outlining is one important method when it comes to ensuring your plot makes sense, but there are other tools at your disposal. Beat charts, plot diagrams and continuity testing are things I can help you set up to ensure your story is well-received.

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Historical Accuracy

If you're working on a videogame with a historical setting, you may want me on your team. Although historical accuracy should never come at the cost of story or gameplay, I can help you find the right balance between realism and entertainment.

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Designing and creating Witchmarsh has involved balancing twelve playable characters and countless ability, perk, item and build combinations.

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Copy Editing

In spite of my name, I'm a native English speaker with technical writing qualifications from two British universities. I'll gladly proofread your ingame content, scripts or documentation. My rates are flexible, and depending on the size of your team I may work for scale or royalties. Get in touch and we'll work something out!

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