I've been writing for videogames full-time since 2013. Here are a few of my projects.

Witchmarsh (Mac/PC, 2017-18)

Witchmarsh (Mac/PC, 2017-18)

Title: Witchmarsh (PC, Mac)

Status: In development.

Role: Creator, Lead Writer & Designer.

In 2013 I left my design job to co-found Inglenook Games, an independent games studio based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Our debut title, Witchmarsh, a co-op mystery game, went on to garner support from roughly 6000 backers across Kickstarter, PayPal and BackerKit. All-in-all the campaign raised over £125,000 in pledges.

'If you can't get behind [Witchmarsh], then I don't know what's up with you.'
- Kotaku

Players create a team of misfit detectives and lead them through swamps, crypts and woodlands in search of the town's missing citizens.

'I can't wait to be lost in the roaring alternate-twenties.'
- PC Gamer

What people are saying about Witchmarsh:

Room Beneath the Rafters (HTML5, 2016)

Room Beneath the Rafters (HTML5, 2016)

Title: The Room Beneath the Rafters (HTML5)

Status: Released (Summer 2016), Free to Play.

Role: Creator, Artist, Writer.

The Life.Love challenge by JAGGA and Child's Play aims to raise awareness about Teen Dating Violence through videogames. My 2016 entry, The Room Beneath the Rafters was awarded first place by a panel of judges. The game was praised by industry insiders and experts on dating violence for its writing, positive message and use of sound.

Players guide Karen, a college student, through her memories of the past year, doing battle with negative memories and feelings along the way. The game draws inspiration from titles like Pokemon and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in the form of a short, humorous roleplaying game.

Praise for TRBR:

'Clever and funny; literally laughed out loud several times (which is great on many levels).'
- Drew Crecente, Contest Judge

'It feels like the game ends way too quickly, a testament to how engaging the writing actually is.'
- Ruud Jacobs,
 Persuasive Gaming in Context & Contest Judge